Non-Profit Consultant Services

Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) seeks quotes from board and finance consultants with non-profit experience in Texas. They will advise local children's advocacy centers on board and financial best practices and policies.

Since 1995, CACTX has established our leadership to effectuate change, empower communities, and make the safety of children a top priority in every community.  CACTX and our network of children’s advocacy centers (CACs) have helped over one million children and their families impacted by crime achieve safety, justice, and healing in their most significant time of need. As we continue to scale our footprint to support high-quality services to all children requiring our care, we also recognize the opportunity to cast our vision upstream and are leading effective strategies that specifically target the prevention of sexual abuse.  This dual approach safeguards childhood, building a future where Texas children can thrive and reach their full potential.

CACTX supports the network of Texas CACs by providing a range of services, assistance, and actions aimed at supporting the implementation of the CAC model across the state with fidelity to and in accordance with the Texas Standards for Children’s Advocacy Centers and the Texas Family Code Chapter 264, Subchapter E.

CACs act as the initial point of contact for victims of child abuse and children who have witnessed violent crimes. Operating in nearly every community across Texas, CACs offer top-tier support services to individuals in the aftermath of abuse.

In 2023, 64,938 children received critical services at a Texas CAC.

Financial Consultation Services 

CACTX aims to establish a group of highly qualified contractors who can offer consultation services to designated CAC Executive Leadership and key financial personnel within the Texas network, as identified by CACTX. The objective is to impart foundational knowledge on general non-profit financial policies and best practices to CAC Executive Directors and other staff members responsible for finances at their respective CACs.

The consultation topics offered will be tailored to the individual needs of centers and cover various aspects of financial management and organizational policies.

The topics covered may include financial practices such as bank reconciliations, internal controls, audits, IRS 990 filings, payroll management, and ensuring compliance with Texas Workforce and IRS quarterly tax reports (Form 941). Additionally, discussions will encompass general policies and procedures related to procurement, conflicts of interest, separation of duties, alignment with practice and contract requirements, and measures to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

The consultation will cover budget management, which includes budget development, cash flow management, and forecasting. Additionally, it will address the development and implementation of a Cost Allocation Plan and general grant management, focusing on understanding allowable expenses, and managing grant spend-downs.

The consultation should also explore financial reporting topics such as budget-to-actuals analysis, balance sheet interpretation, income statement analysis, and understanding profit/loss statements. Additionally, it will explore risk management strategies.

Board Consultation Services

CACTX aims to establish a group of highly qualified and experienced contractors with expertise in board governance and non-profit management to provide on-site training sessions to selected CAC Boards across Texas, as identified by CACTX. The objective is to equip the local Board of Directors with a foundational understanding of board member roles and responsibilities and essential policies and procedures.

Training topics will be tailored to the individual needs of the centers and cover various aspects of board governance and non-profit management.  Training topics should address roles and responsibilities, including non-profit board requirements in the Texas business code, personal giving and fundraising, financial oversight, and distinctions between President, Executive Director, Board, and Executive Committee roles.

Additionally, sessions may include risk management, by-laws, board engagement, performance evaluations of the organization, succession planning, and strategic planning.

Other training areas may include policies on confidentiality/HIPAA, conflict of interest, financial policies, human resources (including raises and conflict resolution), and audits.

Please download the relevant Request for Quote for comprehensive details and information about the consulting structure and other relevant requirements.





Responders must reside in Texas and be able to provide consultation services virtually and on-site at local centers. All local CACs are within the State.

Quotes should be submitted via email in PDF format to the CACTX Regional Principal Team at Feel free to reach out to this email address for any further inquiries.