Opening pathways to healing for child victims.

When the victim of a crime is a child, child-centered case coordination and timely support services can help secure justice and healing.

Committed to Texas Children in Need

Promoting resilience and restoration for impacted children.

We are committed to ensuring the support and protection of children from further harm when they’ve been impacted by abuse and violence. This is achieved through the orchestration of an effective response whenever children are victimized by:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Witnessing violent crime
  • Mass violence

In each case, the child’s safety, justice, and healing are actively prioritized through child-centered case coordination and timely support services.

Improving the Way Texas Responds to Child Victims

When abuse or crime impacts a child, our statewide network of children’s advocacy centers (CACs) stands ready to assist our most vulnerable Texas. A safe, child-friendly environment paired with a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach supports the emotional well-being of impacted children and caregivers through:


  • Case review and coordination
  • Forensic interviews
  • Medical evaluations
  • Evidence-based mental health services
  • Victim support and advocacy

Addressing a Range of Needs

We serve children impacted by a wide range of abuse and violence by helping them pursue justice and facilitate their healing journeys.

35,993 cases were reviewed by the MDT and facilitated by CACs.

41,411 children received a forensic interview, allowing them to tell their story of abuse to a specially trained professional.

6,836 children received specialized medical evaluations for proper assessment and treatment in cases of potential abuse.

25,953 children received the necessary mental health services to help them on their healing journey.

8,472 caregivers received mental health services to help all family members in need so they can find healing as a family unit.

54,013 families received victim support and advocacy services to help reduce trauma and improve long-term outcomes.

Based on services from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023.

Orchestrating Child-Centered Support

Improving the way Texas responds to child victims.

We know the statewide MDT approach coordinated through our CAC network benefits Texas children, their caregivers, and our MDT partners. This approach draws upon child-centered best practices that improve the response to these crimes while thoroughly addressing the emotional well-being of children and their caregivers impacted by trauma.

CACs and their MDT partners, including law enforcement, local district and county attorneys, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), medical and mental health professionals, and victim and family advocates, collectively work toward a unified and coordinated response on behalf of children served.

Our Network of Texas CACs Brings Together

Mental Health Matters

Preventing compounded trauma builds a better Texas for everyone.

To build a safer and more compassionate Texas, recognizing the importance of mental health is paramount, and it requires addressing the needs of child victims and ensuring that mental health professionals are well-equipped to support them.

No matter what age a child victim may be or the type of abuse they have suffered, child-centered services can provide a pathway to healing. Our CAC network provides a critical safety net for children and caregivers who may not have access to specialized services through any other source.

By providing free, specialized services, our CACs ensure that child victims in Texas receive the support they need. Our MDT approach holistically addresses each child’s well-being with evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including:

  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Individual and/or family counseling
  • Specialized support services

Our CACs serve impacted children and caregivers well beyond the immediate aftermath of a crime. Ongoing mental health programs assess and prioritize the unique needs of each child to facilitate better outcomes across our caseload.

By championing our CAC Network and the mental health programs they provide, we enable more child victims to heal from trauma. This is how we create a Texas in which more children can thrive and reach their full potential.

In parallel, it is crucial to recognize the significance of mental health professionals in this equation. At CACTX, we also create a comprehensive, coordinated approach to training, support, and ongoing education for CAC mental health professionals. Promoting gold-standard clinical expertise enhances our state’s ability to serve child victims, increases victims’ access to quality services, and improves health outcomes.

Report Suspected Abuse

If you suspect child abuse, you are required by law to report it. Take action by contacting the Texas Abuse Hotline. 1-800-252-5400

Your Support is Paramount

Our success in creating lasting change is only possible with the collaboration and support of partners across the state who share our belief that we can make Texas the best place to be a child. Our supporters are a critical aspect of our effort to protect Texas children in every community.

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