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Streamlining Services Through Digital Integration

Learn how we are streamlining data processes, with a central focus on technology and partnership with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

Reflecting on the CACTX Impact Summit

In our journey, it’s important to look back at what we’ve achieved. The true value of our efforts isn’t just in moving forward but in understanding what we’ve accomplished together.

Public Will Building as a Catalyst

Find out how we’re harnessing the power of public will building to collectively end child sexual abuse in Texas.

New Study: Treating PSB Matters

Discover how treating problematic sexual behavior (PSB) can help end the cycle of child sexual abuse.

Sustainably Funding Our Efforts to Protect Childhood  

CACTX advocates for Texas children, shaping policy and funding efforts.

Your Support is Paramount

Our success in creating lasting change is only possible with the collaboration and support of partners across the state who share our belief that we can make Texas the best place to be a child. Our supporters are a critical aspect of our effort to protect Texas children in every community.

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