Sustainably Funding Our Efforts to Protect Childhood  

CACTX advocates for Texas children, shaping policy and funding efforts.

Funding, Policy, Public Grants

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) has the privilege of advocating for Texas children at the highest levels of government, shaping public policy and funding efforts with a unified voice.

CACTX secures over $80 million in public funds annually for all Texas children’s advocacy centers (CACs), providing them with resources to serve their communities. As steward of these resources, CACTX intentionally directs funds to CACs in a way that amplifies our collective impact and meets the most pressing needs of children who have been impacted by abuse.

In fiscal year 2023, newly secured funding was targeted to strengthen CAC’s capacity to provide mental health services through adding more mental health professionals at local CACs, increasing diversification of training and modalities, and expanding accessibility through telehealth.   

» CACTX’s strategic distribution of more than $10 million in new mental health funding from the state led to a boost in access to and depth of CAC mental health services. In total, 25,953 child victims benefited from this critical care, a 7% increase from the prior year.

» CACs also provided 8,742 caregivers with mental health services to help all family members in need so they can find healing as a family unit. 

New funds secured by CACTX were also used to steward the coordinated response to victims of child sex trafficking to address the unique needs and challenges these children face. Educating partners on the specific dynamics of child sex trafficking further assisted with the provision of CAC healing services for these incredibly vulnerable victims.   

» 732 children served by a Texas CAC were identified as alleged victims of sex trafficking, a 7% increase from the prior year.

During the 88th Texas Legislative Session CACTX successfully sustained and grew existing state funding for CACs by $7.25 million annually. Additionally, CACTX led the charge to utilize state funding to bridge a $115 million reduction in federal Victims of Crime Act funds threatening to impact CACs and many other victim services providers.   

» CACTX successfully championed a record $82.2 million in annual state and federal funding for our network, including a new $1 million in state funds to pilot a regional CAC support program to strengthen the CAC network.

» CACTX secured a $225,000 grant from the Meadows Foundation and a $25,000 grant from the T.L.L. Temple Foundation to amplify our advocacy efforts with the Texas Legislature and strengthen partnerships at the state and federal levels to retain long-term support for CACs. 

As the conductor of our collective effort to both provide justice and healing for child victims and prevent child sexual abuse, we will continue to advocate for strategic and sustainable resources to equip CACTX, our network of CACs, and other critical partners to be there when a child needs us most.