Regional Support Initiative

Strengthening our efforts to provide every child in Texas with the highest standard of care.

Healing, Justice, Respond

Over the past three decades, the children’s advocacy center (CAC) network in Texas has experienced significant growth in size, complexity, sophistication, and impact. CACs across the state are united by a common model, shared goals, shared standards, and a commitment to protecting childhood for all Texas children. While sharing a collective mission, each CAC is distinct in size and structure, reflecting our state’s diverse geographical areas and demographics. No two CACs are identical; each represents its local community’s unique experiences, opportunities, and challenges.

In September 2024, in recognition of the complexity and nuance represented by the Texas CAC network, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) launched the Regional Support Initiative, a pilot program designed to provide strategic and targeted support to the network and strengthen the collective effort to reach every child, provide every service, and make every effort.

To support this initiative, CACTX increased its capacity and orchestrated a team of Regional Principals who provide guidance and support to the CAC network. This team liaisons between the CAC network and CACTX, helping to explore and understand, at a more granular level, the trends, challenges, and opportunities that the network is experiencing to inform strategy and priorities. Additionally, these roles assist in communicating CACTX initiatives, approaches, and strategies to the network.

Our Regional Program Initiative will strengthen our network by providing a space for intentional connection, strategy development, and increased technical support and training. – Mikey Betancourt, Regional Principal

Since the kick-off of the pilot, the Regional Support Initiative has been a resounding success. It has significantly increased engagement, deepened our understanding of the trends in the network, and helped identify resource needs that directly impact the ability of local CACs to serve children effectively. The increased engagement between CACTX and the CAC network and the utilization of the capacity and expertise of the Regional Support Team, who have collectively provided technical assistance, resources, or thought partnership through more than 250 inquiries or points of contact with CAC staff in the first six months, is a testament to this success.

The Regional Support Initiative is not just a pilot but a strategic effort by CACTX to enhance the Texas CAC network. Its ongoing support and guidance are pivotal in realizing CACTX’s multiyear strategic vision and elevating our efforts to ensure every child in Texas receives the highest standard of care through the CAC multidisciplinary response. This initiative is poised to play a key role in the future of the CAC network, enhancing its capacity and impact.